Donnerstag, 25. September 2014


....hatte ich den letzten post - ungeschminkt - nicht geschrieben um nach komplimenten zu angeln. 
sondern als systemkritik. 
trotzdem möchte ich euch lieben leserinnen danken für das warmherzige lob meiner person. DANKE!

und ich kann die komplimente aus vollem herzen zurückgeben! ihr alle seit ein wunderschöner, ganz besonderer, liebenswerter haufen! wirklich!
blumengrüsse aus meinem garten:

6 Kommentare:

  1. Someone left some very cute little pink shoes in your garden!!

  2. What a lovely thank you gift! the pink shoes amongst the blooms looks like a work of art.
    We say those kind words as we love you! You're genuine, big hearted and beautiful and I'm sad you live so far away.. xxxxx

  3. Such wonderful flowers, Beate. Cute shoes too!
    I think most bloggers (at least those in our little corner of the internet) are supportive and kind, and we all do a lot to inspire and instill confidence in each other. It's a really great process to be a part of! xxx

  4. Sorry! :) You know I think that very often we reply to our own inner feelings and thoughts rather than directly to what others say... I know I do... :) But! All we said was true, and such a rare and unique woman like you has to be showered with compliments every single day. Compliments are like saying "I love you", "You are special", yes? So it's always good. :)

    Your flowers are glorious, such friendly blooming - thank you for sharing them! And you got pink shoes too!!! :)

    I need you next door, sweet friend! xxxxx

  5. I can't say it any better then Vix did so I am just going to concur. And Curtise is so right, that this circle of bloggers is the best for the kindness, support and affection. It's the best sisterhood I have ever been part of, and YOU are special so we love you.

    Your garden is so lovely and still so summery looking. We are getting cooler weather and rain now but the rain is much needed.

    Those are very cute pink shoes-do we get to see them featured on your feet soon?

  6. I love your daisies! I was photographing daisies this morning too!
    Thankyou for the lovely flowers. Your pink shoes are much better cared for than my pile in the base of my wardrobe :-/
    We love you! Thanks for the thanks :-D and a hug for you too!xo JJ