Sonntag, 28. Dezember 2014

ohne worte

rathewalde - amselgrund - amselfall - schwedenlöcher......

einfach nur geniessen!!!

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  1. Das ist ja vielleicht eine urige Gegend.Die Fotos sind Dir wirklich toll gelungen.
    Und? Wie geht es bei Dir nächstes Jahr weiter?

    Wenn wir uns bis zum neuen Jahr nicht mehr lesen,
    einen guten Rutsch, komm gut rüber und lass Dir gut gehen.
    LG Sunny

  2. It's a Fairy Land - truly magical! Love all the photos, thank you for taking us with you on this special walk. :)
    Are you back from your trip? One way or another, I trust that you are having a wonderful time. Thank you for leaving your sweet comment. Your poncho outfit really inspired me. I miss you! :) xxxxx

  3. Such a pretty, almost magical landscape. Those houses are like something from a fairy tale. xxx

  4. I am solidly convinced that you live in a fairy tale landscape, my dear friend. Every time I see the great outdoors in your area, I yearn to move there myself (perhaps you'd like a Canadian neighbour one of these day? :D). As I don't think that's possible, I'll just visit them and you vicariously through your wonderful photos, the sight of which always brings much joy my way.

    Huge hugs & countless happy New Year's wishes,
    ♥ Jessica

    *PS* I replied to your lovely Christmas email earlier this month, but my email bounced right back to me with a notification message that your inbox was too full to accept further emails. I just mention this here publicly in case you were thinking that I hadn't replied. I tried, honest! ♥

  5. What gorgeous photos of a magical place! xxx

  6. Ah the rocks, the moss, the water! And those houses poised on the ledges. Amazing!

  7. Oh mein Gott. Oh mein Gott. Was für ein Dörfchen im Märchenwald. Wo ist Rotkäppchen? Ich bin hingerissen. LG mila