Montag, 2. Februar 2015

gerhart hauptmann haus / agnetendorf

als schriftsteller und mensch ist herr hauptmann ja nicht so mein fall.....
aber er hat sich ein sehr schönes haus am fusse des riesengebirges bauen und mit fantastischen wandmalereien ausgestalten lassen. war sein reichtum wenigsten zu etwas gut.

"gott wacht übers paradies" - o-ton vom lieben mann..........

ich extra gedeckt in anthrazit und schwarz


auf dem heimweg über schreiberhau kamen wir an diesem herrlichen wildwasser vorbei - auf dem sich ein paar wagemutige kanuten verlustierten!


5 Kommentare:

  1. For a moment, I thought you were wearing golden leggings in the last photo of the house, and I thought - how cool!!! :)

    We studied Hauptmann, I believe, shortly in university (we had two years of Foreign Literature), but I am not even sure whether I read anything. It's been too long anyway, I know that what I understood back then would differ very much from how I see it now. The house is fantastic! Just fantastic. He sure got something right, that Hauptmann guy.

    As always, I love the beauty you see in the world, my soul is resting as I see all these gorgeous pictures of both, man-made and nature-made miracles.

    Love xxxx

  2. I'm afraid I know nothing about Gerhart Hauptmann, but the paintings and ceilings in his house are fantastic! Although I have to confess, I am somewhat distracted by your amazingly beautiful mane of hair - you are such a supermodel, Beate! xxx

  3. Oh wow, Kanu fahren bei dem Wetter, das nenn ich aber wirklich wagemutig :-) Du in dem toll bemalten Haus, wunderschön! Liebe Grüße Richtung Osten!

  4. That artwork is instantly captivating - I see so many influences at work it in (very much including elements of art nouveau style) and at the same a style that is all the art's own. It's cool, over-the-top, fun and hard to look away from (perhaps, arguably, those are some of the hallmarks of the best art).

    Love your classic black shawl. Such a perfect piece for these still chilly days of late winter.

    Tons of hugs & the very happiest of February wishes for you, my dear friend!
    ♥ Jessica

  5. How breathtaking! Both the art and the observer.
    And I can not imagine tackling that swollen river! xo JJ