Dienstag, 1. April 2014


nichts gegen schwarz. geht immer. wirkt kompetent.
aber als stimmungsaufheller taugt es nicht. im schlimmsten fall sieht´s nach beerdigung aus.........

genau - bergstiefel. mit handgestrickten (nicht von mir) weisswollenen strümpfen und antikem dirndlrock. die anderen röcke/kleider und der mantel sind natürlich hausgeschneidert.

8 Kommentare:

  1. Why have black when you can have colour? These are fabulous sneak previews of your outfits but I want to see more! x

  2. I love your colorful tights! Me too - looking forward to the whole outfits, don't tease us for too long. :)

  3. What lovely feet you have! I love your colourful shoes and tights. I am trying to go more in that direction, though I seem to struggle to find the right things. It's my goal to find some shoes I love in both red and blue, and next fall to buy some coloured tights. I love the red laces with your work boots. I would like to get some coloured laces for my black boots so I'd better add that to my list too.

  4. Me too! Tantalising colours, and I suspect, SUNSHINE! X

  5. thanks ladys for all your lovely comments! xxxxx

    vix & natalia: 2 outfits already here: http://bahnwaerterhaeuschen.blogspot.de/2014/03/spatwinterkleid.html
    the others got never photographed....

    shawna: this are my hiking boots!!!! not proper laced up in this case - but the red laces are a tradition in mountaineer circles....

    helga: YES SUNSHINE :-)

  6. Oh coloured tights are my favourite, and with contrasting coloured shoes, they are even better! Beautiful! xxx

  7. Yay for coloured tights!!! They're a winter (and early spring and late fall) wardrobe staple for me as well. I lucked out and bought four pairs for just a dollar each at a clearance sale in early 2013. They're not the best quality buy any means, but each is still going strong (hole/snag free) after two winters of wear, so they were more than worth their tiny sticker price (my fave of them is the teal pair).

    Big hugs & joyful Friday wishes,
    ♥ Jessica

  8. Oh ja, das sind klasse Frühlingsfarben. Danke, dass sie die Collage 2016 bunt machen!