Dienstag, 8. April 2014

spaziergang in pillnitz

mitte märz hat der liebe mann mich und den picknickorb ins auto gepackt und ist nach pillnitz gefahren. schloss und park pillnitz um genau zu sein. 
in einem landschaftspark mit in aller welt gesammelten bäumen. 

zwischen denen kein ufo gelandet ist sondern ein - fahrbares! - gewächshaus steht. für eine ganz besondere pflanze..... 

...........eine 230 jahre alte, 9 meter hohe kamelie.

ein äusserst beeindruckendes blumengebirge. in dem baum möchte ich wohnen...

die palmen wurden schon aus der orangerie geräumt - für einen hauch von südfrankreich.

rock mit grossen taschen - genäht; kaschmirpullover vom lieben mann gemaust

8 Kommentare:

  1. You are a splendidly glamorous pair! I love your picnic basket and that frock with pockets.
    The house is wonderfully stately and the gardens gorgeous. xxx

  2. What a beautiful location! I love the photo of the sunlight through the trees, and all the gorgeous blooms. And you look stunning in purple! xxx

  3. What a splendid location for a romantic picnic! Camelia is such a beautiful flower. I am really surprised to see a greenhouse for just one tree (I have never heard of such things before), but it is such a special tree indeed! I have a big camelia bush under my kitchen window - it blooms madly every Winter/Spring!

    Purple is great on you, and I love your fun socks and purse, and you both look like romantic lovers! :)

    1. yes - we are very romantic :-)
      the big old camelia is very precious, and the winter here is usually to cold for this plants....

  4. So gorgeous! All of it and you! Purple is my favourite colour and looks so fantastic on you! Those Camelias are incredible! It looks like a lovely outing and I wish I were there, but I suppose that would spoil your romance. ;-)

    1. until a few years ago I've never worn purple, did not like it ...
      we can make a girl picnic some times :-)

  5. These blooms are marvelously pretty! I love not only their hues, but their shapes (especially the dark pink ones with the yellow stamen. Seeing this combination of vivid pink, yellow and white makes me want to put together an outfit in the same palette soon.

    Big hugs & many thanks for your splendidly nice comment on today's outfit post,
    ♥ Jessica

    1. jess - you have always the best taste - the bloom you like most is one of the thousands on the 230 years old big tree :-)
      can´t wait for the outfit!