Dienstag, 3. Juni 2014


i write this in english as tribute to my international readers.......

i´m overwhelmed by their lovely kindness. these are not the usual internet-niceties that appear in the comment section. instead there is a lot of understanding, sometimes between the lines. and support. it´s hard to describe for me, even in german. 

sometimes the miles between us make me sad. 

i´m very happy that i fund you - girls!!!!

some flowers from my garden for you:

7 Kommentare:

  1. You are sweet, and gorgeous, and bright, and kind, and genuine, and interesting, and fun! And it's a miracle that we all met in the Bloglandia. It's a miracle. :)
    Much love to you, and all the pretty daisies in the world! xxxxx

  2. What pretty flowers, thank you for the virtual bouquet.
    It is frustrating to have friends so many miles apart but at least we have the world wide web and the promise of a meet-up one day! xxx

  3. Beate, what a lovely post! And I had the Google Translate page up ready, but didn't need it! Thank you for the gorgeous daisies, and for being such a supportive and interesting part of our international group of friends. I know know you feel - sometimes, we don't meet people in our real day-to-day lives who share our passions and ideas, but the blogging community provides a much needed space to meet those who truly do. I'm very grateful to be part of it too, and so pleased that you are here! xxx

  4. Please read Sylvia's post - I see the photo of your gorgeous hair included in one of her future posts! xxx


  5. And what timelessly sweet, lovely blooms they are, dear Beate. Thank you very much for the special gift and heartfelt thanks. The internet is a better, nicer, and much more special place because you're here.

    ♥ Jessica

  6. Beate, you are such a sweetheart, talented, creative, kind and uniquely you. It is such a pleasure to be getting to know you and to call you friend. I share your feelings about the amazing women I have met in blogland and this circle I was so graciously welcomed into. I love how we all have things in common and yet our own uniqueness too and I love the encouragement, support and caring that goes on here. I too feel a little sad to be so far away and to know I will probably never meet most of these lovely ladies in person. How amazing and fortunate that we have the internet and these blogs!
    Much love and hugs to you!

  7. Finally catching up on my blogs...so sweet of you to acknowledge all of us across the miles! I love reading your posts. It always makes me feel like I'm stretched across your couch, sipping coffee, while you chatter away about your travels and flip through the photos. So much fun! Here's to many more coffee talks!