Montag, 2. Juni 2014

venedig - 1. abend

 ehrlich - das ist nicht mal die hälfte der bilder die wir geschossen haben - naja - eigentlich hauptsächlich ich....






pünktchenkleid - von mir
gürtel&strickjacke - 2.hand
tuch - hamburgsouvenir

sandalen - tamaris
(die beste anschaffung seit jahren, härtetest venedig voll bestanden!)

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  1. Never been there yet! Between kids growing up and full time jobs there seems to be no time. But Venice is on the list of places to visit. Very Grace Kelly looks, very classy and European. This dress is a great sucess all the more you made yourself. I don't own a Tamaris pair yet but I noticed from adds they have really good design. Your style is effortless and you always look special. I also thank you for the heart warming comments. You have an eye for detail and yes I dress more simple because it gets warmer and layers must stop for the summer. Is that your man in one of the photos? If yes, he looks cool, too.

  2. The comment Ieft before dissapeared so here I am again. Venice is top destination and get away from tourists is a must to feel the place. You look so Grace Kelly with your dress and accessories. I don't have a tamaris pair yet but I've noticed they have great design! Thank you for your warm comments! I don't do much ayering now that it's getting warmer. Your man look great ,too.

    1. you see - nothing get lost :-)
      thank you for the compliments!

  3. Spectacular photos, Beate, so beautiful, and the night time image is very atmospheric. The final shot of you could be a painting!
    PS. I'm amazed you don't have close women friends to have fun with, you're not strange at all! Come and visit the UK, Vix and I will take you for a great day out! xxx

  4. aww - curtise! i´m soo close to burst in tears.....
    thank you very much! when i come visiting england i´ll let you know - for sure. a day with you and vix sounds wonderful!!!

  5. Gorgeous photos especially those of you rocking the polka dots and living the Dolce Vita.
    I'm with Curtise, get over here and we'll show you a good time. i know we'd get along famously! xxx

    1. thanks for the compliment - one day, vix, one day i will cross the channel and meet you :-)

  6. Beate, you are such a beauty! The name suits you just perfectly. :)

    I was trying to get a translation for this post, but no such luck today. Well, I think images are what's the most important today then. :)

    Where to begin? I always love seeing you on photos, and so glad that I can see your portrait here - you make me smile. And your smile IS beautiful and lovely. And your style. So romantic and fun! Love the combo of polka dots - happy happy! I would love to hear the story of how you and your husband met some day. It seems you are soulmates.

    I noticed that about you, perhaps because I am not a stranger to it either. Many women like me, and I have lots of lovely acquaintances from the past who still remember my birthday and send me emails every year. I miss some great friends from Russia. And I thought that I gained some absolutely great friendships here. I thought so... I think people like you (and me) who have a very different outlook on life from the most folks, even though are attractive and curious to them, are a bit of enigma and a bit intimidating. Nobody's fault... But... It's sooo good to be understood. Not just be admired and looked up to - be truly understood and valued for who you are... That's rare. That's what I miss the most. Some day somewhere we'll meet true friendships.

    Venice is so beautiful, I will come and visit your pics a lot.

    Much love and sunshine and rainbows your way!

    1. natascha! yesterday i talked with hubs about the whole friendship thing. i think you get the right point - bit of enigma and a bit intimidating when someone is that "special" for others. and we said how great it is that i have the possibility to find women who understand how i live - out there in the internet - or better - around the world. nothing beats a "physical" friend, but i´m happy that i had met you and the other girls in blogland!
      thank you for loving my photos!
      hugs and kisses for you! <3

  7. You have such a beautiful smile! I'll bet your husband cannot stop staring at you. I love the dress too but it has that lovely face to compete with. Oh yes, there were pictures of Venice and it was lovely but you stole the show, my dear.

    1. thanx shawna!
      and he makes sneaking photos of me a lot but when i see the images most of the time i don´t like my face - mostly a case of the "bitchy resting face".......

    2. LOL-Let's change the name of that and call it something like intellectual thinking face.

  8. Oh Beate, I adored my visit to Venice. I remember it with fondness. So hard to take a bad picture. And you look so relaxed in that window! I hope you felt just as relaxed :-) thanks for sharing your trip with me all the way in Australia!

  9. There is something about the sky in the Mediterranean that gets into your soul and leaves you comparing all others to it after you've witnessed it first hand (I haven't been to Italy - yet! - but many years ago I was both Portugal and Spain). It's so vivid, so crisp, so unfiltered and seeing it here today in your beautiful travel photos makes me yearn to visit that corner of the world myself all the more.

    It is a great pleasure to travel via your Venice photos until such is possible, dear Beate, and to get to enjoy a slice of the Italian landscape you enjoyed via them as well. Thank you very much for sharing your travels with us!

    ♥ Jessica