Freitag, 12. September 2014


der sommer verabschiedet sich, ich trinke den morgenkaffee schon wieder aus dem thermobecher, gestern abend habe ich tatsächlich den ofen geheizt!
aber mittags - wenn´s nicht regnet - ist´s noch angenehm warm.....


bauernbluse - 2.hand; rock - aus einem 90´er versandhauskleid was keinem passte und olivem leinen gefrankensteint; schal - indien; clogs - seit einem viertel jahrhundert in meinem besitz

seerose in unserem miniteich


der himmel über dem lilienstein vom garten aus




12 Kommentare:

  1. Love your pretty skirt and Indian scarf, you look beautiful.
    That lily is so perfect it doesn't look real and the pear tart looks wonderful. xxx

  2. Do you have a translate button on your blog somewhere? I can't see to find a way to translate. I just love it when you show the landscape and buildings where you live. It's fascinating.
    You look great in pink too. I love the touch of traditional in the outfit.

    1. i tried to install one but i´m not sure if it works :-(
      mostly the translation are totally nonsense anyway.

  3. You match your beautiful water lily! You look just gorgeous in pink and green, and wow, that sky is amazing.
    It's feeling like the end of summer here too... xxx

  4. Your outfit is magical! You remind me a fairy tale. Olive fabric made this skirt very special, and with bright pink and black it is a stunner, just like you are!

    I love to see your home life, your beautiful garden, the things you bake - it is always so cozy and calm.

    Love xxxxxx

  5. You look magnficent, dear Beate. In fact, the very first descriptive words that sprang to my mind were "you look like a modern day fairly tale princess come to life", and I mean that of course in the best kind of way. The wrap reminded me of a cape and the caped sleeves on the peasant blouse had such a great folksy feel to them that you really do resemble a princess from an enchanted tale here, my darling friend.

    Big hugs & tons of happy weekend wishes,
    ♥ Jessica

    1. *BLUSH*
      you are so lovely, my friend! i don´t had a princess in mind as i dressed myself for this day - but maybe it´s the fairy tale environment where i live....
      have a wonderful weekend too - hugs&kisses

  6. Pink and green are spring colours to me, so you fit right in over here!
    Water lily, amazing! Pear cake, superb! Beautiful pink embroidered blouse. But you eclipse them all:-) xo JJ

  7. When the days turn chilly, I don't care what my coffee is in, as long as there is lots of it! And of course it goes better with Birnenkuchen!

  8. Oh you. always standing around looking gorgeous! The blouse and skirt are so very pretty though not as stunning as the woman wearing them. The waterlily is ashamed to compare itself with you.

    I'm dropping over for coffee and a piece of that pear cake. Get your hugs ready.