Dienstag, 28. Oktober 2014


manche trauern ja dem sommer nach oder freuen sich schon auf den nächsten frühling....

ich gar nicht. die natur dreht noch mal richtig auf mit farbenspiel und wolkentheater. ein banause wer damit nichts anfangen kann.....

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diverse damen - hier und "im wahren leben" - wunderten sich wie ich immer noch mit blossen beinen rumrennen kann.
tu ich gar nicht:

auf knielänge gekürzte thermoleggings - unter meinen knielangen "oma-röcken" verschwinden die und alle denke ich bin superabgehärtet. haha.

souvenier-kopftuch prag - von mama grigutsch
bluse - dehli
jacke - strauss, 7/8jahre alt, neue hornknöpfe
(die qualität der jacke ist erstaunlich gut, viel wolle, aber an den knöpfen wird immer gespart - aufwerttip: omas knopfkiste plündern!)
kofferriemen als gürtel - flohmarkt
plissé-rock - omaausstatter
schuhe - waren leider billig :-/

7 Kommentare:

  1. Also ich trauere dem Sommer auch hinterher, ist meine liebste Jahreszeit. Aber das Licht im Herbst kann keiner tippen! Schöne Bilder!

  2. It's rather impressive how green your corner of the world still is. I love that you have a blend of fall hues and summery shades of emerald still. Your long, beautiful cardigan looks soooo comfy! Like wearing a beloved blanket with you wherever you go. It's length and over all style also has a great 20s vibe to it that I just adore.

    Big hugs & the happiest of late October wishes,
    ♥ Jessica

  3. Thank you, Beate, for the reminder that nothing is a waste - in nature, or in our lives. :) Beautiful photos, so many colors. It's foggy here by the Sound too. Love hearing the ships honking when passing by at night.

    Love your cozy look! Lovely! And such a clever trick too! :) Your cardigan is perfect for this time of year! xxxxx

  4. Thermal leggings, I swear by them! Loving the chic scarf and the Delhi blouse. Your Autumn looks wonderfully colourful. xxx

  5. Herbstlich (which auto correct wanted to change to Herbs toilet for some reason!) is a term I sometimes come across in my singing.
    I love hearing and seeing how German works in real life!
    Beautifully atmospheric shots. We are blowing wildly with Spring winds here.
    Your thermals look great, but I'm afraid wouldn't do the trick for me :-(
    I love the new horn buttons on your cosy cardi. And the luggage belt has never looked so glamorous! xo JJ

  6. No point complaining about the changing of the seasons, better to find something to enjoy in all of them, yes? And you have shown us some beautiful sights and colours, Beate - including you in your cosy belted cardigan, with those thermal leggings cleverly hidden under your skirt! xxxx

  7. I am a bit distracted by JJ's mention of herbs toilet..... I love this time of year, though we can be wetter than I'd wish. I love the colours and the misty mellowness which you have captured so well in your photos of your most enviable garden. I don't think I shall ever not be sad at no longer having a garden but rather like with the death of a loved one, the pain lessons a bit with time. I enjoy the photos of yours so much and although must admit to some envy, mostly it just brings me some joy to see how you have such a beautiful place. I love your skirt and long cardigan too! I would definitely wear that. I've been looking for a similar cardigan in wool not acrylic and not too bulky. I love your use of the luggage belt. You will need to trade in the shoes for a pair of waterproof boots if you are going to pop over to my place for tea today.