Montag, 17. November 2014


nach den abenteuern im märchenwald mal wieder was bahnwärterhäusliches - die bilder sind vom oktober, was die richtige zeit ist für die letzte ernte der minze.....

auf gartenseiten im internet wird gewarnt: 

minze wuchert!

na und.
minze kann man nie genug haben! abgesehen vom erfrischenden, magentröstendem minztee fallen mir einige appetitliche dinge ein für die minze vonnöten ist.
yogurt-minz-sosse für orientalische gerichte, garnierung für süsse desserts, in limonade und cocktails.....
den sommer über frisch aus dem beet - im winter getrocknet. dies ist die letzte - von 3 - ernte des jahres:

nun ist es mitte november, wir geniessen die tees aus eigener ernte. es ist ungewöhnlich mild, obwohl diverse "wetterpropheten" einen langen, kalten winter prophezeit haben. 

ich bin gespannt, einen zünftigen schnee, wenigstens oberhalb 300m hätte ich schon gern. und irgendwie sieht ein verschneites bahnwärterhäuschen doch sehr hübsch aus!

vor 2 jahren! war das ein herrlicher winter!


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  1. I'm not a fan of snow but the cottage looks wonderful shrouded in the white stuff!
    Love your minty green nails and would love to share a pot of mint tea with you! xxx

    1. :-)
      ok. - come over - i put one or two coals more in the oven for you! xxx

  2. What a sweet house! We have a house in our neighborhood that looks very much like that. I walk by very often and now I'll be thinking about you way over there!

  3. Tea with fresh mint from your own garden sounds delightful, and I loooove tzatziki souse, and I agree with you that mint is essential in it! Here lamb is traditionally also served with mint souse. I love your mint nails, and Anya would soooo appreciate - it's her favorite color now! I know that you love snow, Beate, and I wish you to have a perfectly snowy winter. Winter here is very mild and snowless which I actually prefer, but we plan a day trip to the local "Bavarian village" up in the mountains where we can enjoy a little bit of snow and Xmas lighting.

    ps We celebrate Xmas mostly because it is fun and beautiful and everybody enjoys their time with family, and of course everybody loves Xmas gifts. And when you raise a kid, I don't think it's fair to her to not celebrate holidays which all of her other pals enjoy - it becomes a part of culture, and a part of her own history and her own life. Besides, Justin is American, and it's big part of his life too. :) In my family back home, we traditionally celebrate New Year only. But Anya is familiar with Ded Moroz and Snegurochka - I made sure that she experienced certain cultural things which I experienced as a kid growing up in Russia, and NY celebration was such great fun always. I have done a lot of community work here so that our Russian or half Russian children would learn and love our culture and traditions. It's good to not just know but also love your roots. And... move on and grow. :) I believe that it all helps to see the world and other cultures and people in a more open minded way.

    With love xxxxxxx

  4. Yum!!! Mint is one of my favourite herbs ever - and since developing certain gastrointestinal chronic illnesses many years ago now, which are aided to a degree by it, I've come to love and appreciate mint all the more. I wish we lived nearby and I could try your delicious home grown mint in person. It look so healthy, fresh and fabulous!

    Big hugs,
    ♥ Jessica

    1. yes - it´s very good for the belly :-)
      i make a fresh pot of tea - come around....

  5. Ich mag Minze total gern, vor allem in Schokolade :) Das war immer meine liebste und ich beneide dich um deine tolle Ernte und geh mir glaube ich gleich mal einen Tee machen, so sehr hast du mich hier angeregt! Liebe Grüße und hab noch einen schönen Tag! Sabina @Oceanblue Style

  6. Kannst du gerne vorbei bringen ;) Und ich liebe deine Teegläser!

  7. I love having mint in our garden (well, a variety of herbs) since they look after themselves and survive year after year with a level of benign neglect! Gorgeous matching nails, and your house looks so picturesque in the snow. xxx

  8. I am always swooning over your garden and what it produces. I love living vicariously and imagining those are my flowers and herbs. Mint not only survives neglect it can be quite invasive but there are so many lovely things to do with it. I always meant to try out a recipe for lemon and mint cookies but never did. Now I will have to make the gluten free version.

    Your home looks so pretty in the snow. Snow can be so beautiful after a fresh fall, but also hideous and a grey slushy mess when it gets old. I love a fresh snowfall on houses and tree branches but am glad to live in a place where it doesn't stick around.

    I will pop over for some mint tea! xoxo